9 Steps to Getting a Perfect Wedding Hall

9 Steps to Getting a Perfect Wedding Hall l HildeGroup.com

Your big day is coming up real soon. You can’t wait to make it official. Both family and friends are excited to be a part of your big day. You want everything to be perfect. Weddings are about many intangible moments. A successful wedding reception depends on the choices you make. The wedding venue is the most crucial element which requires careful attention.

So, before the big day comes, make a wise choice and choose a perfect wedding hall to impress your attendees. Here are a few steps to guide you to choose the right wedding hall for your special day.

9 Steps to Getting a Perfect Wedding Hall l HildeGroup.com

1. Define your budget

Wedding planning comes with a lot of excitement. To avoid going over budget, map out the elements and list out a budget. Pen down the intricate elements ‘decoration’, ‘food’, and ‘photography’. By listing out a budget, it can assist you in choosing an amazing venue with a great service. Budget means an approximation of expenses that are allowed on each occasion. Before anything else, know the maximum amount that you can spend. After that, decide the location where the event has to occur. Look for offers online on wedding halls that are available. Lastly, choose the best option that is within your budget.

2. Evaluate the location

Location is an essential aspect when finalizing the wedding venue. The location should have ample space for organizing various events. For a local wedding, choose a venue which is easily reachable and accessible for the guests. The location should have ample parking space. Most of the time, venue booking is done without studying the locations. One needs to visit the site before finalizing the location to host an event.

Always select a wedding hall which has the following facilities:

  • Ample parking space
  • Venue can be located via GPS for attendees
  • Size accommodations
  • Great food options

3. Conduct proper research

Reading past reviews can help you decide which venues are worth exploring and which ones have red flags you should address when talking with the event coordinators. Banquet Halls illustrated online have customer reviews and ratings available. Most of them are genuine and can be relied upon.  Reviews can also offer information you might not have considered such as the value others received from hosting their wedding reception at a particular banquet hall. List out what’s special about each venue and then make a decision based on your budget and goals.

4. A roomy fit

It may sound obvious, but you need to make sure the room is large enough to accommodate the number of people on your guest list. The wedding hall may look enormous when it is empty, but wedding essentials, tables, chairs, a buffet, band or DJ setup, will fill it quickly. The best way to assess the size of a site is to go see it when another wedding reception with an equivalent guest list size is all set up.

5. Evaluate the wedding hall

Here are some of the things to look out for when evaluating the wedding hall:

  • Catering Services: Choose banquets with affordable catering services and unconventional food choices. You can even ask for customized decorated fruits corners. Drinks, cocktails can be arranged on demand. Any celebration is incomplete without the scrumptious sweets.
  •  Additional Services: Additional services includes valet parking, Wedding DJ, bridal makeup and more. Some banquet chains have an online specialist who takes care of the additional services bookings. Utilize their resourceful networks to get more facilities.
  • Safety Measures: When a lot of people are involved in a chaotic environment, a lot of things can go wrong. To keep the mishaps at bay, there are venues with appropriate safety measures. So you can be at peace of mind, first aid, fire safety, and emergency services should be on standby. Emergency power backup in case of unwanted power cuts is an additional facility. CCTV cameras should be allocated in the event space for venue safety.

9 Steps to Getting a Perfect Wedding Hall l HildeGroup.com

7. Check for backup plans

When organizing any kind of events, it is essential to have a backup plan in case anything goes awry. The most common problem that could happen during a wedding reception is the unexpected rise in the number of guests. Wedding planners encounter big and small challenges all the time. Arranging extra food, extra parking space, or even additional seats is never a challenge.

8. Book it well in advance

Last minute bookings may lead to other problems. Once you have set your wedding date, go ahead with pre-booking your wedding hall. The availability of banquet halls may vary depending upon the peak season demand. To be on track, it is recommended to book the venue six months prior to your date. Last minute bookings may cause you to lose great deals. If you book in advance, you will be able to save a lot.

9. Know your guest’s profile

Transportation and stay have always been a big issue. It is important to know your guest’s profiles. If it is a local gathering, guest will most probably use their own vehicles. All they will need is a parking space. For guests who live far away, you need to arrange for their pick, drop and stay.

Make a rough count of locals and outstation attendees so that it is easy for you to plan their stay.


If you are still wondering where to organize your wedding reception, why not opt for Hilde’s Banquet Hall.

Jardin Royale Transformational Hall is located at Star Avenue Lifestyle Mall, Shah Alam. This hall can be rented for all kinds of events, including a wedding reception. The hall is suitable for anyone who wants to have an exclusive dream wedding. Hilde Group will also provide 2 projectors, chairs, tables, free WiFi along with the hall rental and any other services you needed to make your events run smoothly. The hall’s location is only 10 minutes away from the Subang Airport, and free parking all day every day.

9 Steps to Getting a Perfect Wedding Hall l HildeGroup.com

9 Steps to Getting a Perfect Wedding Hall l HildeGroup.com

9 Steps to Getting a Perfect Wedding Hall l HildeGroup.com

If you are interested to rent out this hall for your wedding reception, click here or if you want to see the venue, feel free to contact us at 03-77347155 or 011-5659 3110.

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