About Hilde Group

Hilde Group is a holding company in Malaysia that owns the shares of 5 different companies. Mary Jardin being one of the subsidiaries is a famous natural skincare provider in Malaysia. Apart from managing the subsidiaries, it also provides corporate services including management, administration, finance and multimedia to help and guide small businesses grow. On the side, Hilde Group is renting a premium training hall that can cater up to 300 people in one seating. The training hall and Coworking space have a 5 star concept and is very exclusive. Coworking space provides lower prices to people for rent and they will get a lot more advantages for renting this space.
Hilde Group also offers training to help young entrepreneurs to start their business. They can register as an MJ Affiliate to be able to access modules that are given for affiliates. These training modules are organized by Hilde Club that is under Hilde Group. The main adviser for Hilde Club is Datuk Faridah Hanim Haron. She signed as the Hilde Club’s adviser on the 30th JULY 2017. Hilde Group will try to help entrepreneurs overcome every obstacle they face in their business. Furthermore, Hilde Club caters all kinds of services from renting hall, business lounge to business training. Befitting to tagline, “Every Entrepreneurs Dream”, it is a place where you can get everything you needed to run your business. Lets realize your dream together with Hilde Group.