Management & HR Outsources Services Consulting

We Organize Your Company

Hilde Group has been providing corporate secretarial management & Outsources Services Consulting including companies incorporated to government bodies and agencies, private and public companies, listed and unlisted. There are many benefit of management services in Hilde group such as ACCESS TO EXPERTS, our experts would do their very best in assisting your company in terms of managing your documents, consultancy, filing, and registering your company. WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES, we offer or can facilitate the complete range of management and administration services necessary to conduct business across international borders.  We provide directors or managers who may manage the business in liaison with our clients. IMMEDIATE RESPONSE, EFFICIENCY, FAST RESOLUTION OF MATTERS are namely a few of the values that govern the unique combination of the work carried out every day in order to best serve our clients with their day to day corporate management requirements. In a nutshell, we have developed the distinct experience that places us in a position to be able to carry out just about anything our corporate clients might need. 

Management & HR Outsources Consulting Services Section manages service matters such as appointment, resignation, job confirmation and etc. Other associated activities are planning and management of:

  • The competency assessment program
  • Internal and external courses / training including Induction and BTN Courses.
  • Appointment of contract officers and renewal of appointment.
  • Updating and recording officers / staff’s information in the service book.
  • Updating the Departmental Personnel Management System (SISPEN) and
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information System (HRMIS).
  • The creation of post for all levels and divisions in DCA.
  • Promotion for the closed service staff / officers in DC
  • Counseling program
  • Disciplinary matters
  • HR Sources Services & Advisor