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Our fully customizable class, instructor of your choice, arrangement class determined by you. Works great for businesses with a large number of personnel for training and development center. Join any of our scheduled classes, great for individuals and businesses with a low number of personnel to get training and development center in your business.

We provide all kinds of Training And Development Center seminars for those who are interested to start their own business or for those who needs any help in general. Our seminars are open for anyone who wants to come. If you are interested, feel free to follow us on Facebook for new updates, we update our page frequently and don’t hesitate to email us at for any inquiries about our seminars. We also held a free talk once every month at our hall.

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“No – Makeup Makeup by Shazreeyana Shukri”- Professional Makeup Artist

Shazreeyana Pn will teach how to obtain natural makeup look most! Must be eager to right? Don’t disengage this opportunity!



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Selling Without Selling with Coach Nooraizan Zie

Selling without selling (SWS) is a programme that muck-raking sell without sell by using technique which combines Wave Brain knowledge, Science, NLP, Psikologi and Spiritual in generating sales that is extraordinary.

RM249 ( Agent )

Rm399 ( Non Agent )