Hilde Club

Hilde Club specializes in business training for MJ Affiliates. Hilde Club tries to help young entrepreneurs with their business by providing training so that they can excel in their business. These trainings are mostly open for only MJ Affiliates but if there are any outsiders that are interested to participate with the training, they will need to register as an agent under Mary Jardin. The training will teach the affiliates on how to run their business, what they need to do for marketing, how to close sale, and from being a dropshipper to having their very own company. These training modules will mostly be held at the Jardin Royale Transformational Hall with expert trainers to train the agents. There will be 9 module included in the training which are, ON BOARDING, SELF DEVELOPMENT, BRANDING, BUSINESS MARKETING FRAMEWORK, CONTENT MARKETING, SALES, DATABASE COLLECTION AND MANAGEMENT, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT and lastly AGENT RECRUITMENT.

The main advisor for Hilde Club is Datuk Faridah Hanim Haron. She signed as the HILDE’s CLUB advisor on the 30th JULY 2017.

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Content Marketing

On Boarding

Separated into 4 classes which are Understanding company’s strategic direction, Privilege and Responsibility of Mary Jardin Affiliates, Video on product knowledge And mastering MaryJardin.co

Business Marketing

Types of marketing classes will be presented in charts and how to choose which channel is the best for your product. Experts will be called in to teach each and every channel.


In this module you will learn everything you need to know about brand. What is brand? Can you sell something without a brand? Before you start your business, you need to define your brand. How far do you want to go with your business. Everything will be included in this module.

Self Development

Other trainer will be conducting this module.

Content Marketing

Choosing the right content and copywriting technique.

Agent Recruitment

How to recruit agents for your business.

Database Collection and Management

In this module, you will learn on how to Retargeting and Remarketing for your business.


You will learn about sales funnel, closing sales, buying cycles and moment of truth.

Financial Management

You will be taught on why you should separate your personal account and your business account.